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I always advise anyone who is new to me or to HeartMath to contact me for a complimentary overview session to see if HeartMath is a fit for you. If you would like to arrange an overview session, please email me using the form below.
After your overview session, you may wish to book one or more individual sessions to learn:
• Techniques appropriate for you
• What each technique is designed to do
• How to use each technique in different situations
• How to work through a particular issue that you feel needs to be addressed, such as weight loss, breaking unwanted patterns, financial worries, anxiety and many more!
HeartMath workshops are offered from time to time. “Like and Follow” my Facebook page, “Heart to Heart Living,” to keep informed of upcoming workshops.


Payment may be made by eTransfer, cheque, cash or PayPal (PayPal buttons below)
HeartMath sessions are $80.00 each; follow-up sessions are discounted.

Workshop fees will vary.

After we have spoken and completed your complimentary overview session, you may securely pay using the PayPal buttons below. I also accept e-transfer, cheque or cash.

HeartMath  sessions can be done in person, or by phone, Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Purchase one session ($80.00)

Please fill out this form once you have purchased your session or course.