Talk to the Animals

Dog on logsCommunication with animals is an inherent ability we all share, but few of us develop the skill. It works on the same principle as telepathic communication between humans. Since there is no barrier between species, communication is possible between humans and all animals—from horses, dogs, cats and other domesticated animals to feral animals such as bees, bears, birds, and raccoons.

Animal communication may take the form of words, pictures, feelings, scents, or just a “knowing” of something. Each animal communicates with one primary sense but will usually use all or most of them. It is up to the Animal Communicator to accept what they receive from the animal and pass on exactly what it wants conveyed. Sessions may include energy healing and/or spiritual healing.

Have you ever thought your animal friend was trying to tell you something, or wondered why that particular animal was in your life? Have you ever wanted to tell your animal friend something but were afraid it wouldn’t be understood? Animal Communicators help bridge this gap between you and your animal. Messages are sent back and forth—much like a conversation between friends.

In many cases, the messages from the animal make no sense at all to the Animal Communicator, but that animal’s human companion will understand it—if not immediately, very soon after the session.

Animal Communicators can also help solve behaviour issues with your animal. Most behaviour issues require the human companion to do the practical work, but Animal Communication will help your animal understand what is being asked of it, and most behaviour issues are resolved much quicker when the two aspects are combined.

What Animal Communication is Not

Animal Communication is not a tool for training—for example, teaching dogs the house rules. Animal Communication can help them understand why they are being asked to do a particular thing, but it won’t change them into model dogs.

As with children, they listen and they know what is expected, but do they always do it?

Benefits of Animal Communication

In most cases, our companion animals are in our lives for specific reasons, and increasing our understanding of that can take our relationship with our companions to a much deeper level. They are our teachers and healers, and when their messages are received, understood and, most importantly, acted upon, their lives are enriched—as are our own! Often our animals mirror us, taking on our physical and emotional states, so when we honour their messages to us, they can let go and be themselves again.

Messages from animals who have made their transitions can help immensely with our letting go of grief and despair, so that we may be as happy as they would like us to be!

Working with an Animal Communicator can help facilitate these deeper levels of understanding between you and your animal friend.