About Me

Jan Matthews and her dogI have been working in the energy field since 2006, when I realized that one of my gifts to be shared was being an Animal Communicator. Since then, I have explored many different modalities including Qi Gong, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – also commonly known as tapping, Acupressure, Sacred Eights and HeartMath, amongst others.

When I first learned of the Institute for HeartMath from reading one of Greg Braden’s books, I was interested enough that in 2008, I joined the institute as a member.

For several years I used the basic HeartMath breathing technique and was experiencing some rather dramatic and interesting energy shifts so when an opportunity arose to become a Coach, certified by the HeartMath organization, I jumped at it.

Working with clients has been one of the most rewarding paths of my lifetime and it is my passion to teach as many people as possible about the HeartMath system so they too can experience more freedom and peace in their lives.